bad news

I haven’t posted much lately, perhaps because I am still reeling from a large piece of bad news.

Near the end of the year, the Prince came in and asked me to step out in the hall.  He told me that Miss Slinger is being let go by the district, because of budget cuts and her low seniority.

AUGH!  Miss Slinger is the BEST.  I can’t imagine working without her anymore.  And there is always a risk with someone new…..

I’m holding out hope that she will get her job back, or at least get a job elsewhere in the school, but man.  It’s depressing to think about.  I was so so lucky to work with her for two years, and it would have been wonderful to have one more year.

Miss Slinger, however, is quite resilient, and just started grad school to become a licensed teacher!  She’s interested in gifted kids, and she will be wonderful, no matter where she ends up.


3 thoughts on “bad news

  1. oh no..i feel so sorry for you ..i know what it is like to lose someone you like working makes your day better and you get close to those people…i do pray that she gets a job…and i hope it is back with you!!!

  2. When one door closes another one opens, maybe the door closed on this job for Mrs. S but opened another for a new career. I know how difficult it can be to work with somebody new.

  3. Last year my daughter was in that position, a classroom one-on-one assistant let go because of budget cuts. A surprise move by the administration brought her back on board because they actually decided to interview teachers about which aides to keep! Not a story one hears in this day and age.

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