summer blues, part two

The beginning of summer can be a rough time for teachers.  It took me a while to figure out why year after year I wasn’t thrilled during the first week of summer, and why I was depressed, listless, and disorganized.

Finally I figured it out.  In one day, I went from a respected professional to a housewife.

At work I had great kids to be with, nice colleagues to talk to, and really interesting and challenging work.  At home, I had an incredibly long to-do list that contained items like “clean out garage attic” and “sort through every cupboard, closet and drawer in the entire house.”  At work I got positive feedback from parents, coworkers, and administrators.  At home I heard “today can you do these errands for me” and “Mom, can you drive me to ____?”

After a week or so, I get into my groove, and I jump in.  Yes, I’m cleaning and organizing and running errands.  But it is also true that I am reading lots of novels, savoring fresh summer fruit, eating outside with my family, enjoying glorious amounts of ice cream, sleeping late, and loving the slower pace.

A teacher’s calendar is perfect — we really do need summers to recuperate from what is a very difficult and exhausting job.  But….when summer ends, we are totally ready to go back to work, refreshed and energized, and eager to ignore those cupboards and drawers until the following year!


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