Blogs to check out

Here are some blogs that I have been enjoying lately, and thought you might want to check out:

Miss Brave Teaches NYC — I love the way she writes.  In fact, it seems pretty similar to the way I write, and makes me feel like I have met a kindred spirit.  She writes with humor, warmth, empathy, and honesty.  She has to deal with a bunch of bone-headed adults, and in that way her blog is similar to It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages.

Teacher Tom — I love his sense of humor, and his incredible creativity, which is on display thanks to his terrific photos.  Tom’s style is different from mine, and I celebrate that.  His kids are lucky to have him for a teacher.

Kindergarten Chaos — I have loved her blog for a long time.  She writes what she’s thinking, and it’s funny, moving, and sometimes sad.  Her descriptions are vivid, and you feel like you are right there in her classroom.

More blogs to check out:

One Sunflower

Progressive Early Childhood Education

Teaching to Dream (she once gave me the most incredible compliment on my blog, and I will never forget that)


4 thoughts on “Blogs to check out

  1. Your kids are lucky to have you! Thoughtful, insightful teachers like you are very rare. I wish I had even a modicum of your ability to figure out children and turn it into action!

  2. Thank you for the kind words! Already added your recommendations to my reader. Have a fabo summer! (Oh and yes, that first week IS tough isn’t it?!)

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