the truth about parenting

This article in New York magazine is absolutely fascinating.

It does a nice job of balancing the reality of parenting, the dark side of taking care of children, and the recent studies that have found parents to be less happy than non-parents with the importance of connection and purpose and the meaningful relationships we have with our children.

But yeah — and I say this as a loving mother who thinks her children are wonderful — I remember lots of times when being a mother has sucked.


3 thoughts on “the truth about parenting

  1. Your final sentence took guts to write. We like to idolize parenting (especially mothering) in our society. We may be willing to admit that it is challenging or frustrating but the idea that it sucks sometimes is hard to swallow. But SO true.

    • Isabelle, did you click the link to read the article? Very thought-provoking. My take on it is that parenthood is really hard, with lots of rough moments, but that the love you feel for your child when you are snuggling with them, or watching them succeed at something, or are on the receiving end of their love makes up for it. If I weren’t a parent, I would always be wishing I was, and wondering what it would be like to be a mother. I’m glad I am a mother.

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