facebook and twitter

Does anyone here have a facebook or twitter account for their blog? I’m thinking about doing it but not sure how to proceed. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “facebook and twitter

  1. I don’t have a “fan” page for my blog on FB, but there are plenty of tutorials out there, if you’re interested. Keep in mind, you would lose your anonymity as you would have to tie it to your personal account.

    I am an enthusiastic Twitter user and do post links to my blog. But that is not the primary purpose of the account—and I don’t “follow” anyone who uses it that way. IMHO, Twitter is a great way to learn and share, but a really annoying way to pimp yourself. 🙂

    Get a Twitter account (can be as anonymous as you like) and join the conversation!

  2. Goddess, thank you, I would prefer not to lose my anonymity at this point. And I take your point on Twitter. Thanks for commenting; I really enjoy your writing and your wit.

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