my new assistant

…is not Miss Slinger.  I will miss her terribly.  I got the number of my new assistant from our new principal (The Princess?!), so I called her.  She sounds like she is older than I am, perhaps 50s or 60s, she’s got a friendly telephone manner, and she sounds like she has a lot of experience working with kindergartners on pre-reading and phonemic awareness skills, so that’s good.  The stupid district, though — Miss Slinger was laid off without warning, and the new assistant was moved from her old school, where she was happy, to my school, with no say in the matter.  I really don’t think we should treat people in schools that way.

I did tell the new assistant (when I meet her, I’ll figure out a name for her) that she will be working with me in the mornings, and Miss Mellow in the afternoons, and that while we get along great and are both nice people and committed teachers, we have very different teaching styles.  The new assistant laughed and I think was grateful for the heads-up.  Miss Mellow and I hope to go out to breakfast or lunch with her when teachers report back for work.

In other news, Miss Slinger is pregnant.  She has been hoping for this for a long time, so it is wonderful news.  And did I mention she started grad school this summer to become a licensed teacher?  She will be a terrific mother and a terrific teacher in the not-too-distant future.

4 thoughts on “my new assistant

  1. yeah, they have been doing a bunch of crap like that in my district, all of course in the name of the economy. They screw up the contenuity for the kids, reduce the budget (for the third straight year), increase the class sizes, but expect the kids performance to get “better”. Right.

  2. Just make sure you train her in what you want on YOUR classroom. As you know, PK is different than kindergarten, Tell her explicitly what your expectations are, in a nice way, of course!

  3. Sarah, I certainly will. I had a horrible experience with an assistant teacher several years ago, and while I did tell her what I wanted in my classroom and explained how I do things (and why I do them), I don’t think I emphasized it enough. Or maybe she just wasn’t listening. Anyway, it was awful. I’m skittish each time I meet a new assistant. Which is part of why it is such a huge loss that Miss Slinger won’t be in my room anymore.

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