bumping into a little friend

Yesterday at the pool, as I was headed out of the locker room, I bumped into Plum.  She was with her daycare teacher and two other girls.

“Hi, Plum!”

She stopped and stared at me, blankly.  I was in a swimsuit coverup instead of real clothes, and way out of my usual school context.

Then she gasped, “Mrs. X!” and hurled herself into my arms.

While I explained to her daycare teacher who I was, Plum hugged me about seven times total.

Then I sent her on her way with best wishes for kindergarten.

My summer is almost up, but those hugs from a smart, sweet girl help me to remember why I love my job so much.

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2 thoughts on “bumping into a little friend

  1. i think my favorite thing ever is to see my small friends while i’m out at target or the grocery store and have them say, “what are YOU doing here?”-

    • I bump into current and former students — and their parents — at the grocery store fairly frequently. About 7 years ago, I was at the store with my youngest child, and just about to lose my cool over his behavior when I turned the corner and saw one of my new students with her mother. I was mortified, even though I hadn’t said anything yet. It was a good reminder to watch myself wherever I am!

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