back to school

I went to school this morning, for the first time all summer, and found that it wasn’t bad at all to be back.  It amazes me how I dread the end of summer all summer long, and then suddenly when it’s time to go back to work, I’m fine with it.  When I walk in that first time, it just feels like summer was a dream and now I’m back where I belong.

All the furniture was in my room, which rarely happens this early, so my sons and I were able to get all the furniture in the right places.  We got rid of the sand in the sand table so that I can turn it into a water table come September.  I unpacked all the school supplies I bought this summer — I didn’t put them away, but I did unpack them.  The school secretary (repeat after me:  the school secretary is the most important person in the building) knew I was coming in early, and even printed out a class list with addresses.

Other grades use a basic school letter that details what school supplies children will need for each grade.  I send out my own letter, which introduces myself and then asks for $5.00 for art supplies (which I will buy for the whole class to use), two spiral notebooks, and a backpack.  I also list other things which we would like to have, that parents can provide if they’d like to.

So now I’ve got my introduction letter with the school supplies in the mail, and all furniture where it belongs.  That feels like a great weight off my shoulders.  I also got to talk to the new principal (I can’t decide if I’m going to call her the Princess or not) and the new assistant principal, and they both seem like they’re going to be great.  Whoo hoo!  I can relax this weekend, and continue to sleep late for a little while longer….


5 thoughts on “back to school

  1. i know the feeling. today was our last summer beach day…monday is back to the classroom to prepare. i dread it, too, but after the first week, usually all is well.

    happy new school year!

  2. My request for the students in my senior classes to take turns bringing in a bottle of scotch on Fridays did not sit well with the administration.

    Buncha’ kill-joys.

    This political correctness stuff is getting old.

  3. I’m reassured that even a seasoned, professional, top-of-your-game teacher like you can get a little jittery at the beginning of a new school year. I’ve been jittery before beginning my student teaching internship next week, and reading your post made me feel less alone with those feelings. Thanks!

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