First day at work

I got back from a week-long trip to California after midnight on Saturday, and then slept in until 10:00 Sunday morning.  This morning?  6:45.  Ouch.

I left my husband to deal with the kids, their lunches, and getting them to their last camp of the summer, and went off to meet my new Americorps volunteer for breakfast.  The place I had planned to take her was closed, but she was really nice about it, and we found another restaurant for several cups of coffee and some classic breakfast food.

This year, in addition to an assistant teacher (who will not, sniff, be Miss Slinger), all of the preK teachers in the district will have a volunteer from the Americorps ranks.  Mine just graduated from college, where she majored in English Lit, so I think I will call her Miss Dickens, after one of her favorite authors.  Miss Dickens is very pretty, with big eyes and long lashes, and she likes action flicks as much as I do, so I think we will get along swimmingly.

We drove to school and as we entered, met a new first grade teacher whom I last saw ten years ago.  She remembered me and gave me a huge hug, and I think was glad to have at least one person she knows to help her navigate a new, large school.  Alas for my friend, however, she already pissed off the school secretary.  (Miss Dickens gave me a look — I had already told her that the school secretary is the most important person in the building.)  I have to find a way to help my friend the first grade teacher get back in the secretary’s good graces.

Our staff meeting was pleasant, although I kept forgetting people’s names, even people I know and like.  I suppose if you don’t think about someone for an entire summer, you can go blank on their name.  Or maybe it’s just me.  I did manage to introduce Miss Dickens and my old friend to lots of people, so I wasn’t a total failure.  The new principal (I’m just going to call her the Princess, as the old principal was referred to as the Prince here on my blog) led us through a short but sweet meeting, and we had plenty of time to work in our sweltering classroom.

Miss Dickens and I got lots of stuff done, including making tons of nametags, and tomorrow while Miss Mellow and I are at a staff development training, she will be laminating and trimming and copying away.  It feels like a real gift not to have to do everything myself.

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