day 3

I’m still jet-lagged from my trip (came back after midnight on Saturday), and I can’t seem to catch up on my sleep, but otherwise am glad to be back at work.  Today I came back to find that Miss Dickens had gotten lots of stuff done yesterday, and put the meeting area things back up on the blackboard (calendar, 100’s pocket chart, months of the year, etc.).  I also went to a data meeting where the staff looked at our test scores from last year.  The Princess was trying to put a positive spin on things, which I appreciate, but it will be interesting to see how we as a staff handle the fact that so many of our students are failing.

I went to Office Max, and now have spent close to $300 on my classroom.

Tomorrow is the open house, so it will be a looooong day.  But — I’ll get to meet a bunch of my new sweeties!


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