the dreaded first day of school

Okay, perhaps dread is a strong word.  But the first day is not my favorite.  Here’s a conversation that happened in my living room yesterday, when my sons got home from school and I was lying on the couch, recovering from a migraine:

Me:  Ugh.  Tomorrow is my first day of school.  I hate the first day of school.

Boys:  Mom!

Me (melodramatically):  Seriously, I do.  I feel like a stupid dork.  I feel like I might have forgotten how to teach.

Boys (earnestly):  Mom, you shouldn’t say that about yourself.  You are a very good teacher.

Me:  Yeah, but everything is so hard, and I have to talk all day, and I lose my voice, and I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.

Boys (shocked):  Mom, you need to have a positive attitude.  You can do this!  You have lots of experience and you will be just fine.

Me (touched and secretly giggling on the inside):  Thanks, guys.  You’re sweet.


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