my new babies

They do seem so young to me, but perhaps that’s just in comparison to last year’s group, whom I remember as they were in June.  But still….only two of the kids just turned four, but several others also seem like they were three not very long ago.  I’ve got one boy who has already turned five, and he is so different from everyone else — mature, articulate, knowledgeable.  I think he can even read a little bit.  I hope he is able to make friends, and that I am able to keep him challenged.

One little boy showed up with his mother in the morning yesterday and then decided he didn’t want to go to school, after all.  I had to take him from his mother’s arms and bring him into the room, screaming.  I sat him on my lap and listened while he sobbed, “I want my mama” over and over.  I told him that I understood, and that he would see his mama pretty soon.  Then I started making comments on things the other children were doing at the tables, and he got distracted.  His crying lasted three minutes from start to finish; it was nice to be able to tell his mother that when I called her later.

One little girl is already starting to set off warning bells in my head.  She seems a little bit like Pumpkin was at the start of last year, only not so happy and funny and self-confident.  She is the only one having trouble sitting and listening, she raises her hand to tell me things that are only tangentially related to the topic at hand (and usually it’s just lists of words, rather than complete sentences), she is unable to explain what is wrong when she cries, and it’s quite difficult at times to decipher her speech.  I’ve got another girl who is receiving special ed services who is light years ahead of her in maturity, speech, vocabulary, behavior, and ability to make friends.  We were told to send in referrals early this year, so they don’t get backed up, so I think I will start working on this by late September.

They really are sweet, though.  I love them already.


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