rainy day recess

In honor of the rain, we sang “Rain, Rain, Go Away,” and “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.”  One little guy said he knew another one.  It went like this:  “it’s raining, it’s morning, it’s raining, it’s morning, it’s raining, it’s morning”….strangely enough, to the tune of “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.”  He had no idea that he was singing the same song, sort of.

Today we couldn’t go out so I turned on the song “Listen and Move” by Greg and Steve and we acted out all the motions — walking, running, hopping, skating, tiptoeing, and galloping.  Miss Dickens and I were totally worn out by the end, but the kids were joyful.  Then we listened to “Popcorn” by the same artists and had a dance party.  All the kids danced, and some of them have some awesome moves.  I’m seriously considering letting them loose with the Bee Gees one of these days.  A disco dance preschool party — how fun would that be?!

We also watched a dvd of Ten Apples Up On Top and Green Eggs and Ham.  Yesterday I introduced the concept of rhyming, and while we watched the movie, several kids would start to whisper the rhyming words to me.  I’m amazed how many of them are starting to understand rhyming, so soon.


4 thoughts on “rainy day recess

  1. I’ve got a class of dancers this year too. My first graders go to town when I give them a chance to move to the music – including disco and big band. It makes my day. Have fun!

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