When the teacher gets sick

So the horrible cold I had the week before last turned into a horrible sinus infection.  On Monday and Tuesday I was faltering, and by the time I went home on Wednesday I could barely stand up.  In fact, I had to get a ride home!  I stayed home (and in bed until 11:45 am) on Thursday, feeling guilty that it was still only September and I had missed three days of school.

I’m better, but still tired, and still having a nagging side effect — I keep forgetting my words.  I often can’t find the word I want in my brain, or I use the wrong word.  (This morning:  “Honey, if you’re going to the art center to paint, you need to put on an easel.”)  I know which twin is which, but I called them the wrong names several times today.

Meanwhile, the room is getting messier and messier, my piles are getting out of control (poor poor Ms. Mellow, who has to share a room with me), and at home, well, forget it.  My son went to my office to get my laptop yesterday, and when he came down he said, “Mom, I feel sorry for you.”  I asked why, and he replied, “that to do list on your desk is seriously long.”  I even had a brief anxiety spell yesterday.

How can I be such a mess when the year has barely begun?!


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