the charms of being a preschool teacher

We are learning one color a week this year, for six weeks.  In previous years I’d have a color week or two, and we’d learn a new color each day, and that TOTALLY didn’t work.  So this year, color weeks.  This week was yellow week, and on Wednesday of each color week, we dress up in that color and I take a photo for the class color book I’m making.

I walked into the office with one of my wee ones to show off our yellow crowns (if you don’t have yellow clothes to wear that day, you can always go to the art center and make a crown, belt, armband, or bracelet with lots of yellow collage supplies).  The school secretary, who is — umm — prickly, shall we say?, asked what color it is next week, and said she wants to come in and make a green crown.  The school nurse said she’ll wear green all week.

So there I am, with a goofy yellow construction paper crown on my head (and my teenage son’s yellow tshirt on my back), and rather than get smirked at, I had people all enthusiastic about our color study.

Being a preschool teacher rocks.


3 thoughts on “the charms of being a preschool teacher

  1. You are awesome, Kiri! I love this idea!! I taught *all* the colors somewhat hapharzardly the first two weeks, and we continue to focus on the four primary ones (the colors of our educube chairs, and of our “teams”) but am finding the kids still don’t know the colors! We will try this when we do our in depth study of colors in February!

  2. I do the same thing with my daycare and we have a parade each week on the day we wear the color. We end our “study” with a rainbow week! It’s fun time!

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