teaching with laryngitis

So after my long bout with migraines, I caught a nasty cold, and missed two days of school last week.  Over the weekend I started to improve somewhat but also started to lose my voice.  By Monday morning it was gone, most of the time.

When the kids arrived, they were relieved to see that I was back, and some were even a little shy.  When they learned that I couldn’t really talk, they were even more unsettled.  I was whispering at that point, so the kids started to whisper, too.  It was one of the quietest mornings we have ever had!  My Reading Corps volunteer was gone, and teaching morning meeting isn’t really my assistant’s cup of tea, so I had to do it all in whispers.  I whispered the months of the year, and I pointed to the days of the month while the kids counted (quietly), and then I told the story of Thanksgiving, in whispers.  I even read a book about Thanksgiving in whispers.

Then we made our annual paper bag turkey project, and it was great.  I had no parent volunteers, and no RC volunteer, so I got on the phone and managed to talk enough to get two 8th grade girls to help us.  The kids made turkeys in groups, and each group chose someone at our school for whom they are thankful, to give it to.  My group decided to give our turkey to the music teacher, and he was really touched.  My kids were able to see his face and how happy it was, and they felt terrific.

When Miss Mellow showed up to teach the afternoon class, she told me that her partner, who is a vocal music teacher, says that whispering is actually worse than talking when you’ve got laryngitis!  I went home exhausted, and googled it, and she was right.

So today I either talked in my scratchy voice, wrote notes for the other adults in the class to read, or used gestures and facial expressions to get my message across.  The kids were amused by this point, but they put up with me beautifully.  They were calm and quiet (and the most well-behaved of all the classes at the assembly today), and they kept their eyes on me so that they could “hear” what I was “saying.”

Now I’m done and just wiped out.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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3 thoughts on “teaching with laryngitis

  1. OMG, I was dying while reading that you were whispering, for exactly the reason you mentioned!! I kept thinking, “Oh, no!! You’re making it worse!” I hope you feel better soon. 😦

  2. So my laryngitis lasted for four full days. The last three days I resorted to notes and body language. It really sucks not to be able to talk; you get left out of conversations. Anyway, I can talk again, although not yet in my normal voice. ChiTown, now I know not to whisper! sunflower, I really got a kick out of how great the kids were.

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