Dear Monkey

Dear Monkey,

I love you, and I am happy you are in my class.  When I think that you are the most difficult child in my class, it makes me feel lucky, because you are nowhere near as difficult as some of my sweeties in the past.

You don’t know it, but you have a developmental disability due to things that happened a long time ago.  It makes your brain work in funny ways, and it’s why you have so far been unable to learn and remember things like colors, shapes, numbers, letters, or even animal names.  Most people probably don’t know that about you, because you are confident, you like to talk, you like to pretend to read books out loud (you make up good stories to go with the pictures), and you can do almost everything the rest of the class does.  You can cut and color, you can follow routines, you can do projects, you are able to be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

You are able, but you don’t always do it.  Sometimes you are rolling on the floor when you are supposed to be doing something else.  You really hate clean up time, and you are always the last one to join us on the floor for morning meeting or story time.  It’s okay.  You always listen to me eventually.

Your mommy has really gotten herself together, and now she is the most important part of the team working to help you.  She reads to you every day, and she keeps you to a routine as much as you let her.  (Maybe you should start going to sleep when she tucks you in, rather than 3-4 hours later.)  She loves you so much.  You are such a sweet little guy.

I just wanted to let you know that I will do my best to help you this year.  Maybe we’ll even get you to stop sucking your thumb all the time?


Mrs. X.

2 thoughts on “Dear Monkey

  1. OK. Your next job is to make sure that as he moves through the system all his teachers are as caring and understanding as you. Now how hard could that be?

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