So I’ve got two students receiving special education services, one of whom also receives speech.  I’ve got another student who is about to start receiving special education services, and she also receives counseling (we have an on-site counseling center).  I’ve got a fourth student who will be referred for special ed soon, and who will probably qualify, and will also probably qualify for speech services.  I’ve got a fifth student who is about to start receiving counseling, and a sixth who has been referred.  I’ve got a seventh student who I will refer for speech, and an eighth student who is in the intervention/documentation part of the speech referral process.

Whew!  I love this class.  They are sweet and special.  And young.  And they need a lot of help with their communication skills — conversation, vocabulary, articulation.  And they are….a bit needy.

I will do what I can.


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