secret santa

We are doing Secret Santa again this year at work, and once again, I’m doubting my wisdom in choosing to participate.  I have had good Secret Santas twice in all the years I have been doing this.

This year, my Secret Santa tops them all for….bizarreness.  Do you know what I have gotten so far this week?  Four Burger King kids’ meal toys.  For ages 3 and up.

In other words, plastic crap.  It’s so puzzling; who would think that an adult would be happy to receive a kids’ meal toy (never mind the fact it’s from a kids’ movie last summer that sank like a stone)?  We fill out forms about ourselves for our Secret Santas, and if mine had read my form, he/she would have seen that I would be happy with some chocolate, maybe a fashion or gossip magazine, and perhaps a gift card for Starbucks.  I put nothing on there about loving crappy plastic toys.

I find out tomorrow who it is.  What’s your guess about this story?  An elaborate joke?  A recent immigrant (although I can’t think of any on staff) who doesn’t understand how this tradition works?  Someone who is very poor and works part time at Burger King and thought free stuff from the remainders bin was a good idea?

I’ll let you know!


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