knuffle bunny free

This week’s New York Times Book Review had a lovely review of Mo Willems’ latest in the Knuffle Bunny series.  I haven’t been keeping up with Mo’s blog lately, so had no idea there was a third book until I stumbled upon it at a bookstore a few weeks ago.  It was such a great book I wished my kids were still little so I could buy it for them.

I do read Knuffle Bunny each year to my class, but haven’t read them the second book yet.  I’m not sure that I will read them the third.  Just as the first book is for the little ones like Trixie was back then, I think this one is for elementary school kids, like Trixie is now.  (Did you know that Trixie is Mo’s daughter?  I’m pretty sure there is – or was – a real Knuffle Bunny.)


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