I had a very bleak parent conference this morning, with a mother whose life is in shambles.  Major medical issues, mental illness (anxiety and severe depression), and an emotionally — possibly physically — abusive relationship.  She told me she doesn’t like most people and hates to talk to people, but she did talk to me.  For an hour and ten minutes.

When I got home, though, I felt like I needed a shower to wash off the despair.  I will need to write more about this meeting, but right now it’s too much to process.

However, it puts any stresses in my life into crystal-clear perspective.  By comparison to this mother, I am not drowning in despair; I am swimming in an ocean of happiness.

3 thoughts on “despair

  1. Hello Kiri,
    I enjoy your authentic writing which clearly demonstrates your deep dedication to children, parents, and our entire society! This post struck me deeply, urging me to comment. The despair that so many parents carry can be so overwhelming. I hear ya! Please know that your listening to this troubled mom so compassionately and attentively was profound. All the chain reaction of positive results from your caring ways may not be seen by you–but will have visible effects, nonetheless.

  2. Thank you, Gloria. It was clear that she was pouring out her troubles to me, and that even though she doesn’t trust most people, she trusted me enough to do so. And maybe just pouring it all out helped her. In a way, I felt honored that she was willing to talk to me about everything she is going through.

  3. I read this comment this morning
    ” If it comes between being right and being kind, be kind. You can always go back and get it right, but you can never go back and be kind when you weren’t.”~Dr. Tim.
    good work!

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