the rest of the story

So that mom, that sad mom I talked about in my last post, has a lot of problems.  She’s got a major illness.  One that can be life-threatening, and — she is refusing treatment.  She’s annoyed that the doctors keep calling her and trying to get her to keep her appointments.  I said that she should do it, so that she can be here for her children, and she said —

“When I found out, I was glad.  Finally.  I can get out of here.”

Yes, folks, she has been suicidal in the past and she was telling me about it.  She may still be suicidal, it wasn’t clear.

What else?  She is in an emotionally abusive relationship.  She won’t leave him, though.  She is dependent on him financially, and in every other way as well.  She is worse than miserable with him, but she will not leave him.

So, won’t go through treatment for her illness, and won’t leave the abusive partner.  What else?

We’ve got a kid with lice, and put letters to that effect in every kid’s backpack.  When she came to pick up her kid early one day, she brandished it at me and said, “what is this about?!  What am I supposed to do with this?!”

In talking to her, it became clear to me that she can’t read.

There’s more, but it’s just too overwhelming to remember all of it.

2 thoughts on “the rest of the story

  1. Praying for her, her child, you and those of influence around her. Do what you can, offer help/resources and then pray. Hugs sweetie!

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