i want to drink beer with the new children’s librarian

Our local library has a new children’s librarian.  The old one was good, but she went on maternity leave and didn’t come back, and her temporary replacement was a bit…hyper.  We’d walk down the street for preschool storytime, and I would cringe watching her read to my students.  She wasn’t nearly as good at reading stories as I was (very few people that I encounter are), and things would get kind of chaotic.

But now — now we have a new children’s librarian.  She rocks.  She came to us (instead of us braving the cold to come to the library), and she brought three books.  And those three books are why I want to be her friend, and her new drinking buddy.

First, she read Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.  Since I am a huge fan of Willems’ oeuvre, as you all know, I have that book.  And while I liked it when I got it (and had it signed by Mo himself), I couldn’t really read it right.  So I never brought it to school.  The Rockin’ Librarian, on the other hand, read it beautifully.  My Americorps volunteer couldn’t stop giggling through the whole thing.  The children and I were absolutely delighted.

Look, if you can read a Mo Willems book better than I can, then you are my personal hero.

Next, she read Bark, George, which is one of my family’s favorites.  I read it at school, sure, but my husband and sons and I have our own collection of favorite funny children’s books (in the living room, of course), and this is one of them.  I was thrilled that she was reading books that I love, too.

She stopped at two, but I convinced her to go on.  She had not expected that a preschool class would be as great at sitting and listening raptly to a story as mine is, but saw that a third book would be just fine.

She pulled out Punk Farm.  I nearly fell upside down, the way George’s mother does when the vet pulls out a cow, or the way Piggie does in almost every Elephant and Piggie book.  Punk Farm is legendary at my house.  We love to yell, “THANK you, Wisconsin!”  And we do, regularly.

So this woman is my new soulmate.


3 thoughts on “i want to drink beer with the new children’s librarian

  1. First, I think I can give you a run for your money reading to kids. Second, those books the librarian read TOTALLY ROCK and are among some of my favorites. Children’s literature is almost an obsession for me. I have said that if I wasn’t in the classroom, I could be completely happy reading books to kids all day and organizing activities to go with them. I’m so glad I found your blog!

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