the 100th day of preschool

It was the 100th day of school recently.  We made glasses in the shape of a “100” and we made crowns.  We also made special hats with ten strips of paper with ten fingerprints on each, that we stapled to a sentence strip that said “I am 100 days smarter.”

But the most hotly anticipated part:  eating 100 snacks.  I had been telling them about it for a week — “On the 100th day of school, guess what?  We get to eat 100 snacks!” — and a few of them were worried.  “I think I will get a tummy ache.”  But most of them were thrilled and mystified.

Here’s how we did it.

I asked the parents to send in tiny snacks, things like M&Ms, chocolate chips, Cheerios, Apple Jacks, goldfish, etc.  We had one bowl of each item for every table.  We also had a 100 grid for each child.

The children started placing little pieces of food on each square.  Some did it randomly.  Others followed a pattern.

Some kids worked very carefully.

Others were a bit muddled.

But a wonderful 100th day was had by all.


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