how I manipulate my preschoolers’ impressionable young minds

Me:  …..And after story time, it will be time to go home.

Various students:  Yay!!!

Me:  Oh, really?  I think it’s kind of sad.  I miss you guys when you aren’t here.

Various students:  (silent, puzzling this over)

Me:  I love it when we are all here together.

Student 1:  Yeah, I love school.

Student 2:  I love school, too!

Student 3:  I miss you when I’m not at school.

Me:  I love school, too.  That’s why I decided to become a teacher.  I get to come to school and be with you guys every day, and it’s great!

Students 4, 5, and 6:  I love school, too!

Student 7:  Yay, it’s time for school!

Student 8:  I love you, Mrs. X.


See?  Total triumph.


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