Roo’s progress

He’s still bouncy; nope, haven’t figured that one out yet.  I talked to his mom and she was puzzled.  Apparently he’s pretty calm at home, like he used to be in class.  She said, “He really does love school, though” and I told her, “yup, he bounces in with joy each morning!”  She laughed.  I’m glad I’ve been able to be so positive with her (she knows how much I adore her son), so she isn’t defensive when I call.

Even though he is still bouncing, he is actually learning something.  The other day I noticed he was shouting out lots of letter names during our morning meeting letter practice, so I assessed him later.  To my delight, I discovered he knows more than half of the 52 lower- and upper-case letters.  I don’t think he did just a few weeks ago; perhaps the bouncing actually helps him learn?


One thought on “Roo’s progress

  1. This little one sounds like he may be a tactile processor. He may need to move to learn. Try giving him a defined space to wiggle in.

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