the library on a sunny day

We walked to the local library today for story time.  Last time we were there, a baby toddled around and then plopped herself down on the lap of one of my little boys, who was both astounded and delighted.  She was our favorite part of that story time visit — she kept getting up and then sitting in the laps of various little boys in my class.

We talked about that funny baby today, actually, in keeping with my goal of telling stories with the kids about our shared experiences.  We had another exciting experience on the way to the library — one little girl fell down in the street as we were crossing and didn’t get up.  I was up front, leading the way, and oblivious.  My Americorps volunteer ran over and scooped her up and carried her across the street.

Roo thought it was thrilling.  “I thought she was dead!” he cried.  Both Roo and the little girl who fell have a story to write about, that’s for sure.

At story time, the wonderful children’s librarian met us at the door, and led us to the story room.  We read three great books, including A is for Salad and Miss Brooks Likes Books, and I Don’t.  Then we went downstairs to check out the actual library itself, for the first time ever.  They weren’t as quiet as I had hoped, and they got tons of books off the shelves, which I had not anticipated (“I’m sorry!” I told the librarian, but she said not to worry, that is what she wanted them to do.)

We checked out the books we’d heard at story time (and I picked up the book I’m supposed to have read for book club on Sunday to discover that it is 500 pages long; I wonder if I can read 100 pages a day?), and then walked back to school in the sunshine.

The playground was free of snow for the first time, so I let them have a very long recess.  They ran and ran and ran, and played “Witch” and “Angry Girls” (?) and “I’m falling down the slide!” and I’m sure they all took nice long naps when they got home.


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