yeah, so I’m strict — and teaching kids self-control

I checked out Angela Watson’s Cornerstone blog today and found this post, which she wrote back in February.  I really enjoyed hearing someone else say what I have been thinking:  kids can’t learn if they don’t have self-control, and so teachers should be teaching it.

I have written about this before here, and now feel even more firm in my belief that having high expectations for my class’s behavior is the right thing to do. For example, I think there are only a few other classes in our large urban school that walk through the halls quietly, but I keep teaching my class to do it, because walking in the halls quietly and in an orderly fashion sends a message of respect to all the people working in the rooms we pass, and it helps keep my students safe.

One thought on “yeah, so I’m strict — and teaching kids self-control

  1. AMEN! My class is the only class in the school that can walk in the hallways without running, jumping, touching things, people, hooting and generally carrying on. Why is it so important? Because in life, walking quietly from one place to another is polite. It is important to do in a hospital, a library, an office, a school. I teach my children to be respectful of others.

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