rites of spring

*I am going over the winter pre-reading assessment results and trying to focus on all the kids who were in the red zone for rhyming, alliteration, vocabulary, letter names, and/or letter sounds, and spending one-one-one time with them.  So is every other adult who works or volunteers in my room….There are always kids being pulled aside to work on something.

*The spring assessment starts in two weeks.  AUGH.  Will my babies be ready?  Have I prepared them?  Did I do a good enough job?!  I keep rolling my shoulders and taking deep breaths so I don’t get daily migraines from stress and worry.

*I had a meeting in the principal’s office today to talk about the spring preK registration for next year’s babies.  I look back to some of this year’s kids when they came to visit last spring and they were TINY.

*We’re learning about plants and seeds and planted grass (the boring kind) and radishes, plus a few marigolds, carrots, and alyssum.  The window sill is crowded with little cups.  On Monday if something has sprouted the kids will be over the moon with joy.

*We’re learning about spring, and today read Old Bear, by Kevin Henkes.  The pictures were beautiful.

*The kids have spring fever.  They are being quite difficult, for them.  (For another class, they would probably still seem like angels.)  The loud voices and lack of listening are tiring me out.

*The weather is terribly unpredictable.  When it is very cold out, they come to school with no jackets.  When it is very warm, they come to school in their winter jackets.  The parents are apparently unable to find out (tv, radio, computer) what the day’s weather will be.  Meanwhile, every morning I stand in my closet and my brain fritzes out while I try to figure out what to wear.  After changing clothes three times I’m late for school and have to settle for whatever it is I’m wearing.  Winter was easy — classic turtleneck sweater (I used to wear cashmere, but I’m not quite as young as I used to be and find cotton works better now), bootcut jeans, Dansko clogs.  Summer will be easy — crewneck tee, cropped pants, Dansko sandals.  Spring clothes?  No clue.


One thought on “rites of spring

  1. I have the same teacher clothing habits and ISSUES with “transitional” weather. It doesn’t help that the school’s indoor temp never seems to “match up.”

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