this totally doesn’t happen to middle school teachers

I have a sixth sense about my kids.  I can often tell when they are coming down with something, just by looking at them.  I also know when something isn’t quite right, even if the kid says he’s fine and doesn’t look upset at all.

Today one of my girls came out of the bathroom, and my assistant noticed she was still wearing her jacket.

“Honey, go put your jacket in your cubby,” she said.

The little girl just stood there.

“You need to put your jacket away now,” my assistant repeated.

The little girl started moving toward the door to the hall, where the cubbies are.

“Honey, are you okay?” I asked.  I’m not sure why I asked that, because she looked fine.

She nodded.

“Really, are you okay?”  My sixth sense was tingling.

“Yes,” she said, and pushed the door open.

I followed her into the hall.  “Honey, can you tell me what’s going on?”

She burst into tears.  Leaning on my shoulder, she sobbed, “I want my mommy!”  That was all she could say for explanation.  It’s hard to remember how to speak English when you are crying.

“Do you want to sit on my lap?” I asked, and she nodded yes, so she sat on my lap and cried on my shoulder.

After a while, she was ready to go put her coat away and rejoin the class, so she hopped off my lap.  And THAT’S when I noticed that my lap was damp.

Of course I held her hand and took her to the nurse, where she got a clean change of clothes, but dang!– being a preschool teacher means sometimes you get pee on your pants.


4 thoughts on “this totally doesn’t happen to middle school teachers

  1. I totally agree. My friend teaches in high school and is amazed at some of the things that happen in my day.
    I love my babies. They are the reason I teach Pre-K.

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