has this school district gone crazy?

In Connecticut, a homeless woman has been arrested for sending her son to kindergarten in a better school district.  Her babysitter, whose address she used as her residence, has been evicted from her public housing.

I cannot imagine my school district doing something like this.  What do you all think?


3 thoughts on “has this school district gone crazy?

  1. I read about that. I couldn’t believe it. People often use the address of a friend or family member so their child can attend a certain school. I never thought you could go to jail because of it.

  2. The ironic thing is that if she was willing to stay at a shelter in the “good” school district her child would have been entitled to attend that school becaue of the McKinney act. I read somewhere that she had tried the shelter but didn’t stay. Too many homeless people are not aware of their rights.

  3. My district is SO bad about this. Our principal jokes about being a “bouncer” on kindergarten round up day because he stands at the door checking proof of address as people come in. Preschool has no residency restrictions, but kindergarten does. So many, many of my parents think they can come to kindergarten there because they went to preschool, but they can’t. They have to go through a long, involved “out of area request” process that even if completed doesn’t ensure acceptance. They won’t find out if they were accepted until the 2nd day of school. I even had to go through this process with my daughter, and I work there!!

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