child protection

One of my kids said to me, in a rush, after I had resolved a dispute at the math center, “My mom said she’s letting Childprotection take us away.”

You know, Childprotection, the boogey man.

“Oh, honey.  What’s going on?”

“My birthday is tomorrow and my mom says I can’t have it because Childprotection is going to knock on the door.”

“That sounds really scary.  Are you scared?”   The child nodded.  “I think it might help to talk to someone.  I’ve got a friend you could talk to.  Would you like to come meet her?”  Another nod.

On our way down the hall to the social worker’s office we held hands.

When we got there, one of the things my student told her was, “Mom said we can’t tell anyone about the cuts and bruises because then Childprotection will take us away.”

The social worker was in meetings the rest of the morning, but sent me an email that she is waiting to hear from CP what is going on.  Meanwhile, Mom showed up to pick up her child and I could barely look her in the eye.


4 thoughts on “child protection

  1. That is incredibly sad. I think its interesting you have a social worker at the school. I hope that child is safe tonight.

  2. Update — I still haven’t found out whether or not CP is looking into this family, but the child has been at school every day, seeming fine.

  3. The love that our school kids need from the teachers is HUGE. The fact that they know about CPS says something. Spread the love and the hugs. your provide their safety.

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