You know you’re a preschool teacher when…

…you reach into the box to get a new tissue, and pull out one that is partly used.

…you come home with blue fingernails because the food coloring spilled.

…you find yourself using the ‘royal we’ when you talk to your class (“We will be quiet in the hall, we won’t touch our friends, we won’t jump down the stairs, etc…..”).

…you come home from work with smears on your shoulder from the child who cried on it that morning.

Go ahead — do you all have more to add?


16 thoughts on “You know you’re a preschool teacher when…

  1. You know you are a kindergarten teacher when:

    Petting and feeding horses is part of your Friday afternoon.
    You don’t wear open toed shoes for fear of pukey feet.
    You will let kids get up right in the middle of a gosh-awful lesson and form a hugging line…and suddenly everything’s better.
    You keep Advil and Chocolate in your desk drawer.
    Making milkshakes can be educational.
    “How sad!” is what comes out of your mouth even though you are thinking “Stop it, you little bonehead!”
    You know they aren’t hurt if they are crying…it’s when they aren’t crying that you know it is bad.

    I could go on 🙂

  2. …Your pockets are full of legos, broken crayons, hair jewelry, outlet covers, and unidentifiable pieces of plastic.
    …You’re having lunch with a friend and reach down and tir her shoelaces,
    …You excuse yourself from the lunch table to go potty.
    … Most of your wardrobe consists of “cute” clothes the kids will like..

  3. …most of your pants have holes in the knees from kneeling and tying shoes.
    …you only buy your own children toys that match your teaching themes at preschool.
    …you’ve developed a fondness for Cheez-Its, fruit snacks and Capri-Suns.
    …you can’t make it past 10:30 without a morning snack.
    …you can match a song to almost any situation or feeling.

  4. …..You have more picture books than other more ‘adult’ books
    …..You see items that others throw out like boxes, milk cartons, egg cartons, empty tape rolls, cork etc etc and think I can use them
    …..You have containers, baskets and boxes of siad items that take over your storage space
    ……You find and drag large sticks and palm fronds on your daily walk to work
    ……You spend way to much time on blogs, websites and facebook pages related to early childhood development, crafts, ideas etc
    ……Your craft bookmark tab has over 100 ideas you must try one day hopefully

  5. ….you look in the mirror to see glitter on your face and it’s not your makeup
    ….you look at your recycling pile and think oooo I could use that at school
    ….research knock knock jokes so you can have something to add to the conversation at the snack table
    ….you see the children and your heart sings

    • My husband has to wear a suit every day; I wear jeans and clogs. So when we go out, he wears jeans and old concert t-shirts, and I get all dressed up, and we look like we’re going different places.

  6. …when you always have glitter on your clothes, always, even after they’ve been through the wash.
    …when you really need to get away, and you’re out with your own family on a wonderful, refreshing hike, but you find yourself photographing the frogs you see and writing a whole frog lesson plan in your head.
    …when you can’t remember the last time you threw out an egg crate or a bottle top, because they are in your class “beautiful stuff” collection
    …when you find out that you get TWO HOURS less per week planning time than the K – 5 teachers in your building, and you should be outraged, but instead you carry on, planning on your evenings and weekends.
    …when you know that “work” and “play” are really interchangeable terms

  7. -Nothing a child does surprises you anymore.

    I have worked with children for 2 years now and a few months ago I quit to move to another city. After only 1 and a half I found myself traveling back to my old daycare just to see ‘my kids’ again.

  8. -when you are hanging out with your friends and they ask why you have marker on your arm and your response is “when did that happen?”
    – when you have told a child not to do something so many times that you feel like a broken record
    -when a child trips and you act happy so they won’t cry
    – when you are shopping and always find yourself thinking “oops the kids would love that”
    -when you have stickers, play dough and toys in your purse
    -when you buy bubbles more than you buy bread
    -when you have random bruises from the knees down from bumping into the classroom furniture

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