the amazing 8 minute teacher appreciation breakfast

So, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week.  Parents don’t know that, for the most part, and neither do their kids.  Teachers know because their administrators tell them it’s TAW by putting it in the weekly staff newsletter, but teachers do not expect much actual appreciation.

So imagine my surprise at hearing that the PTA was going to give us breakfast today.  You know, to appreciate us.  I looked forward to it.

We had a staff meeting first, which was supposed to end at 9 so we could have 30 minutes to enjoy our breakfast.  (The buses arrive at 9:30.)

At 9:20, I raised my hand, to ask our union rep (who, like the others who spoke today, loves to hear the sound of his own voice) a question.

“Given that it is Teacher Appreciation Day and teachers don’t actually get much appreciation, could we wrap this up so that we can go upstairs?  We were supposed to have 30 minutes, but now it looks like it will be 10 minutes or less.”

A few other teachers turned back and grinned at me.  The union rep was presumably not thrilled, but I don’t think he liked me before today, anyway.  The other union rep said, “speaking of teacher appreciation…” and went on to tell us how we should tell each other we appreciate each other.  I slumped back into my chair in despair.  Finally he paused for breath and my fellow teachers and I stampeded for the teacher’s lounge.

Breakfast was delicious.  Even though I couldn’t really eat it in 8 minutes.

I had my chocolate croissant for lunch.


One thought on “the amazing 8 minute teacher appreciation breakfast

  1. I’m surprised you COULDN’T eat a meal in 8 minutes. That’s one of the prerequisites for being a teacher, right?? It’s one of our super powers. 🙂

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, anyway!

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