either I’m very lucky or I’m some sort of genius

On Friday we had a visitor who was there to observe one of my students, who is being assessed for possible special ed services.  She sat during centers time and watched and took notes.

The art center was full of kids making ants out of black paper and then adding glitter glue to them.  This was thrilling, but they managed to stay calm and focused.  The usual suspects sat at the lego table, and we had a small bunch working hard at the writing center.  I was at the games table playing Go Fish, as I mentioned in my last post.  The morning was busy and productive, and the kids were calm and content.

Later, when she was leaving, the visitor said, “You have a really great bunch of kids this year.”

I agreed with her, of course.  They are a lovely group of children.

But in my head, I was thinking, “There is a reason they are so busy and happy and well-behaved.  There is a reason they have learned so much this year.  There is a reason this classroom is so calm and runs so smoothly.”

And that would be me.  (I know, modest much?)


6 thoughts on “either I’m very lucky or I’m some sort of genius

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  2. Thanks, guys. What I really meant is that teachers are awesome, and teachers make a huge difference. It’s not just me — it’s all of you, too!

  3. People always comment on how well-behaved my students are (pre-K). I work HARD to achieve that! Some people may think I am too strict, but in my opinion, I am making good citizens!

  4. I understand where you are coming from!! For two years I have had others tell me that I was given the “good” kids…the “smart” class. I want to kindly remind them that I have worked with these children each day and together we are the good and smart class! I have pushed them to try harder, to write better, and to make good choices.

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