Whoa, dude. iPads in preschool?

The Chicago Tribune recently published this article about some Chicago area schools using iPads in preK and kindergarten classrooms.

I’m not sure what to think.  On the one hand, I would be really gleeful if I got a bunch of iPads for my class.  On the other….um, what exactly would we do with them?

I love the part of the article that mentions checking to see if you have glue or glitter on your hands, and washing them before you can touch the iPad.  I could see preschoolers being kind of hard on that glossy new technology.

If you had them in your class (or, if you are a parent, if your child had them in her class), what would you do with them?


3 thoughts on “Whoa, dude. iPads in preschool?

  1. I have been considering getting one for my classroom. My 5 year old grand daughter has one and she loves it. There are mainly educational games on there for her but also some read a long story type programs. I used to have a computer. I like the kids having some exposure to the computer but I found myself tied to it. Not being able to interact with other children as the computer user needed help. With the IPAD I could use it as a more mobile center. When the day was too hectic or I saw children trading their normal imaginative play for computer use too often, I Could put it away. Also… I hated giving up the space a desk top takes.. It would be a compromise for me.

  2. I brought mine in for one day and our special ed. teacher used it with a child. It was awesome. I think of it as a individual interactive white board. The apps are great and it’s so easy to use. My 2 year old loves it, so I know preschoolers would too. I think in the classroom I would use it as a small center or as a remediation tool.

  3. I teach PPCD in Texas. We received 2 iPads per class this year. My kids love them. We use them daily for all different activities. I am amazed at what the kids know and can figure out with them. They are even troubleshooting themselves if they mess up. 🙂

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