blast from the past: how I end up in India when I’m trying to get to Italy

Here’s a post I wrote a few years ago about the complexity of lesson planning.

It hasn’t gotten any easier, I’m afraid.




2 thoughts on “blast from the past: how I end up in India when I’m trying to get to Italy

  1. Great post! I’m glad that I completed my final lesson plan for the year Saturday! Will you share the “way of doing calendar time that you have honed over the years” that you reference? I would love to hear about that!

  2. I read the old post, and your comments about the “script” that the curriculum provides for you really hit home. I’m required to use a different curriculum, and therefore a different script, but it’s still a script. It’s stunning to me that I can have two Masters degrees and a teaching license, but still be required to deal with a curriculum package that says things like, “And now turn the page. Point to the dog at the top of the page. Ask the children, ‘How does the dog feel?” I realize that the curriculum designers (who do have some good ideas embedded deep within the script) did not know for whom they wrote—some preschool teachers are highly trained, and some are not at all, and they are trying to make sure everyone can use their stuff. In short, it’s teacher-proof curriculum. That irritates the heck out of me. I cherry-pick and augment and refine, just like you do, but it still irritates me to have to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and slog through “now use a whisper voice when you say…”

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