I’m back; teacher site to check out

I took a break from blogging.  Not entirely sure why; it’s not like I’ve been really stressed out.  On the contrary, I have been getting plenty of sleep, reading tons of books, and enjoying summer with my family.

Since I’m not teaching right now, I thought I would explore the web and see what gems I could find to share with you.

This one I’m bookmarking:  The Clutter-free Classroom.  Here’s the website, and here’s the blog.  The writer has a clean desk — and she teaches — so now I’ve got to find out what her secret is.  Every Monday on her blog she shares organization tips, so it’s worth checking in once a week to see what’s new.  She’s even got products for sale, like an $8 guide to keeping your classroom clutter-free.  I think I may have to buy it, as the mess on my desk drives me crazy.  Also, the new teacher for the afternoon class is not going to be happy with it, so I have GOT to change.

Do you have any organizational tips to share?


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