classroom management and behavior

In my internet wanderings, I found another interesting blog.  It’s called Smart Classroom Management, and the author, Michael Linsin, wrote a book called Dream Class that I think sounds really intriguing.

He’s got one post called 8 Things Teachers do to Encourage Misbehavior that I think is great.  He says what I have often thought:

Teachers cause much of the misbehavior in their classrooms.

True, students come to class with behavior issues and personal agendas. Some are prone to misbehavior and are difficult to deal with. A few may even enjoy trying to disrupt your class.

But more often than not, the teacher is the problem.

It goes along with one of my important rules of being a teacher:  you’ve got to question yourself.  When something goes wrong in my classroom, I always start with the questions “what did I do that made this happen?” and “what can I do differently next time?”

I’m going to see if I can find the book at my library, because it looks like worthwhile reading.


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