My uncluttering resolution for the new school year

I have followed the Unclutter blog off and on for a while, but recently when I saw her “workspace of the week” photos that featured a lovely kindergarten classroom, it occurred to me to use her search engine to see what she has to say about classroom uncluttering.

I found this post, which is simple and smart and I already knew it but now I’ve got no excuse not to do it.  At the end of the day, before going home, put things away, clear your desk, get your materials ready for the next day.  I haven’t done this because I’m usually tired at the end of my half day, and because Miss Mellow never minded.  This coming year, I will be sharing the classroom with a new teacher.  She’s young and sharp and organized, and I think it will really piss her off if she comes into a messy desk, and for good reason.

So here I am, stating to the world, that I will make sure to clear off my desk each day.

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