the perfect number of kids is not nineteen

The afternoon teacher only had 8 kids yesterday, on the first day, in part because her busing was all screwed up.  That was hard, because it was too few kids.

I had 16 yesterday, and 19 today, and it was kind of too much.  One of the three new ones has special needs, and spent most of the morning crying, screaming, hitting teachers, or collapsed on the floor.  (She seemed extremely tired, and kept moaning about being hungry, even though she ate breakfast at school.  Maybe she doesn’t have enough food to eat at home, and maybe she doesn’t get nearly enough sleep?  If so, and we can work with mom to get those issues resolved, maybe her behavior will turn around.)  The other two new ones were fine, but 19 kids all trying to learn school routines, follow rules, listen to directions, and try to freakin’ understand English …..well, they struggled.

We opened up the art center yesterday, and today we had puzzles at the games center, and playdough at the art center, so only 3 groups of four were with me on the floor playing “Doggie Doggie Where’s Your Bone?”  They had gym class, and I think that went pretty well.  They loved round two of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and they enjoyed hearing Jez Alborough’s Hugfor the first time.  They tried to draw self-portraits, and they loved going out for recess.  (They didn’t love so much coming in.  It took 10 minutes to round everyone up.)

The high heat and humidity today certainly didn’t help.  I sweated so much my lanyard was wet for the first time I can remember.  I went home and collapsed again.  It will get better.  It will get better, right?


3 thoughts on “the perfect number of kids is not nineteen

  1. Of COURSE it will get better!! Just take a deep breath, close your eyes and remember your sweet kids from last year – remember when THEY all learned how to sit still, raise their hands, wash their hands, walk in a line and sing your class song. It will take love, patience and consistency to get there . . . but you’ve been there before, so you’ll get there again. Your sweet babies are blessed to be in your room learning the calming familiarity of routine. I keep telling you I want to be a student in your room! You are a gifted and wonderful teacher – okay exhausted and drained, but fabulous! Just keep doing what you KNOW works and they will learn. How can they not? They have the best teacher EVER! Hugs!!

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