oh, dear

Today was a hard day.  We have a little student, the one who screams sometimes, who seems like she is not going to make it in my classroom.  Yesterday she had the special ed teacher one-on-one with her all morning (and it’s not like the special ed teacher doesn’t have other students to see), and my little one only spent about 10% of the morning actually with the class, doing what we were doing, and behaving appropriately.  Even with all that support!

Today, no special ed teacher, so I asked the social workers for help.  They said I should talk to the Princess.  So I did.  Within an hour of the little one’s arrival at school, the Princess was fed up and said that my little one needed to go home.  (Yay, Princess!  I love a principal who will be firm and hold the line.)

Her parents couldn’t be reached for quite a while.  When they were reached, it was at least another 45 minutes before Mom could get here.  Meanwhile, the little one had been grabbing things out of my desk drawers (I think she took a bite of my apple, so I tossed it), lying on the floor of the cafeteria screaming, kicking and biting adults, bolting from the room, and only able to behave if she was alone in the room with an adult paying complete attention to her, and even then, she kept doing things she wasn’t supposed to, and wouldn’t listen to any directions or redirections.

The Princess, the AP, a social worker, a special ed assistant, and my Americorps volunteer were all involved at one point or another.  My Americorps volunteer was amazing with her, and I joked later that she was working wayyy above her pay grade.  Too bad I can’t give her a raise…..When Mom came, I met her for the first time, and really liked her.  She was very nice, and very understanding.

Tomorrow morning we have a big meeting, with old special ed teacher (the guy who placed her in my room, and has a bad rep for being incompetent), new special ed teacher, social worker, Mom, me, my assistant teacher, plus the Princess (who usually doesn’t come to these meetings, so this is kind of big), and a high muckety-muck in special ed.

THIS is going to be interesting!

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