Little One (aka Screamy)

Little One is doing well.  I’ve been afraid to post about it, in case it should jinx things.  However, things are looking up.

She is the most difficult child in the class, and probably will be all year.  But most of the time, she is where she is supposed to be, and most of the time, her behavior is appropriate.  We have made accomodations for her, which seem to be working:  she holds my hand when we walk in the line (being in line is too much for her), at meeting and story time, she sits in an adult’s lap or on my assistant teacher’s chair, which is set up near the back of the meeting area.

She can fall apart in the blink of an eye, and we are all three working to keep her on track all morning long.  My assistant, our Americorps volunteer and I seem to be improving our teamwork, in that we all handle her in roughly the same way, so that things are consistent.

The children understand now why she has a sticker chart, and they don’t.  They don’t freak out when she gets screamy again, and they welcome her company so long as she is being nice.

She was tricky on our recent visit to the library.  It was our first walking field trip, and on the way, one of my problem boys (you’ll be hearing about him soon) pinched his partner’s finger really hard and made him cry.  The pinchee was in tears the entire library trip, and would talk to me only in Spanish sobbing, which I couldn’t really understand.  So I comforted him, and he sat in my lap the whole time, and Little One nearly had apoplexy, she was so jealous.  She stalked around the story time room and shot me evil glares.  I looked away, and wouldn’t respond (but it was so hard to keep myself from laughing).  She would then stomp into my view, and glare some more.

I never rose to her bait, and to give her credit, she never completely lost it.

On the other hand, her behavior on the bus has deteriorated.  We would like to put her on a special bus, but we can’t get ahold of her parents to talk to them about it.  Their phone is disconnected, and they just moved to a new apartment.  And today that meant she was on bus one for my class — which has 12 kids, as opposed to bus two, which only had 4.  I dread talking to the driver tomorrow at pick-up time.

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