pencil problems

Remember this pencil sharpener?  This wonderful, wonderful pencil sharpener (also notable as the first — and only — item I have ever gotten free because of my blog)?  One of my little angels broke it today.  I hadn’t yet told this class that it was off limits, but it was way up high, and only grownups have been using it.  Anyway, he tried to use it and broke it and I am still feeling kind of mad.  I hope our fabulous janitor can fix it; he’s good at fixing things.

If he can’t, I’m buying a new one.  That thing is the only pencil sharpener that really works.

Other pencil problems?  Two of my kids use a fist-grip to hold their pencils, and one of them then bends her wrist at a really strange angle, so that it looks really uncomfortable and difficult to write.  Both of them also write with their arms floating in the air, so I need to work with them on that, as well.  Several of the kids in my class color or write with an extreme amount of pressure.  They rip their papers sometimes, and the little “angel” who broke the pencil sharpener also broke THREE pencils today, simply because he was pressing down so hard.

At art we did leaf rubbings, and some of the kids could do it, and others couldn’t figure it out.  They would color, really hard, over and over in the same place.  They couldn’t figure out that if you already colored that part, then you should move your crayon to a white part of the paper.  That was frustrating, too.  I held their hands and moved them across the paper to show them, but then I felt like I was doing the rubbing for them, so I’d stop.  Then they’d go back to coloring a part of the paper that had no leaf under it, and that they had already colored.

I got a memo from the district yesterday about dysgraphia, and it was pretty interesting.  So we will start to work on improving these skills!


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