heart attack of the day: three of my babies outside by themselves

When it was time to line up and go home today, I was on my own.  My assistant was at a literacy training, and my Americorps volunteer was on her lunch break.  I had my three little ones who ride bus 2 wait on the hall bench, and I tried lining up the rest of the class, who ride bus 1.  Finally I asked the bus 2 kids to go up ahead and wait by the (always locked) door, while I brought along the rest.  When the line was finally ready, we headed toward the door where — no one was waiting for me.

I raced down the hall, with my kids following me, and unlocked the door to outside, where I discovered that bus 2 was right there, and the three kids had gotten on it.  Thank goodness for that bus driver.  The question is:  how did they get outside?!

The only possible explanation is that an adult who works in my building (and has keys) let them out, probably by accident, as they were going in or out the door.  GAH!  Who wouldn’t notice the three FOUR YEAR OLDS slipping out the door?  I emailed the Princess, who told the new AP, who came and interviewed me and took notes on The Incident.  I don’t think I’m in trouble, but boy do I feel awful.  I’m relieved it turned out so well, and I hope it never happens again.


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