Why being a preschool teacher is great

1.  You get to wear silly hats.

2.  You get to do things like wear purple every day for a week (it’s Purple Week!).

3.  It’s never blood on your hands; it’s always marker.

4.  Hugs.  Lots of them.

5.  You get to read awesome, funny books out loud every day.

6.  You are famous, you are loved, you are TEACHER, you are their School Mommy, you loom large in their lives.

7.  Valentine’s Day lasts for months.  You will get a lot of homemade valentines.  Maybe a hundred.

8.  You are magic.  You make puppets become REAL.  You can wave your magic wand and they will believe.

9.  You can make a huge difference.  By the end of the year, you will see tons of growth, and feel a real sense of accomplishment.

10.  Did I mention the silly hats?


8 thoughts on “Why being a preschool teacher is great

  1. Only if you are a preschool teacher who appreciates the way little children learn and can provide an atmosphere of nurturing, hands on activities, time for physical and emotional development and don’t get pressured into thinking that flat, one dimensional “projects” are the way children teach. Good to excellent preschool teachers will do these things………..not poor ones.

  2. Second comment: I was just clearing up and error made. I said “the way children teach”. It should have read “the way children learn”
    First comment: preschool teachers who understand early childhood learning will have fun and share in the joy of being with young children. So many early childhood educators have no background in teaching young children or very limited and have no idea how children under 8 learn. Teachers who provide hands-on learning in a nurtuing environment accomplish more and enable the children to experience learning in a fun filled way. Why wouldn’t they love that teacher. By flat, one dimensional I meant workbooks and photocopied pages that require sitting at a table and have no meaning for young children.
    Hope that clears up my statement. I will follow your blog, glad to see it out there. Anne (ECE Masters)

  3. I agree with most of your statements, but in regards to number 3, I have frequently found blood on my hands (or children’s hands)! I seem to attract the bodily fluids!
    Also- according to my three-year-olds, I’m lucky because I get to live at school!

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