Gingerbread Day

Yesterday we celebrated Gingerbread Day in our classroom, and the children were delighted. We read three versions of the classic story (over two days), and then we decorated gingerbread men with squiggly white frosting. (One girl said, “this is my mom” as she carefully made two frosting breasts on her cookie…..) They were messy and happy as could be. The room smelled yummy, and everyone liked their cookie except for my one very shy boy, who wouldn’t eat his. A trip to the office for a Spanish translation helped me to understand — he just wasn’t hungry.

On another note, I’ve been thinking about the progress we’ve made so far. One thing that I have been really successful at is the classroom climate. The children are calm, focused, happy, and kind. The room runs smoothly pretty much all the time.

BUT. Have they learned as much as they could? Or, in other words, have I done a good enough job of teaching them? I think I need to focus again on assessment with individual children to make sure they are on track, and get my small groups going again to address specific needs. So that is what I will do once we get back to school in January.


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