I have a daddy but my daddy hates us

Today was our first day learning about our February theme, Families.  We talked about different people who are in a family — mommies (I said, “some families have a mommy, but not all”) and daddies (I said the same thing), and sisters, and babies, and brothers, and grandmas…..

Various kids raised their hands to tell me who was in their family.

Quail raised his hand.  “I have a daddy,” he said, in his confident voice.  Then his face fell.  “But he hates us.”

“Oh honey, your daddy is wrong.  You are so wonderful and lovable.  I’m so sorry about your daddy, but I know you have a mommy who loves you very much.”

I hate Quail’s daddy, I thought.


One thought on “I have a daddy but my daddy hates us

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