i know why i am so tired

It hit me at breakfast this morning.  My classroom is a well-oiled machine.  It runs smoothly, calmly, and happily.  That is my normal.  But in the last few weeks, with Crow struggling and Little One totally falling apart, my classroom is not running smoothly.  Other children are stressed by Crow and Little One’s actions, and it is affecting their behavior.  And the three grownups, used to things running smoothly, are exhausted with trying to put out fires everywhere.

Today was another very hard day.  I spoke to the Princess about it, and she is going to try to help.  For one thing, we will send the social worker to Little One’s home to talk to her parents — their phones are disconnected and we cannot reach them.

Right before dinner tonight I felt a little funny, like a migraine was on its way.  I took a pill, but only a third of the way through my meal it hit me that I no longer felt like I had the energy or balance to continue to sit upright.  I spent the evening in bed.  It is where I still am, typing this.

But I will go to work tomorrow.  I have to.

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