Today we went to the auditorium with the whole school for an assembly about Black History Month.  The featured speaker was wonderful, but his words went over the heads of my small ones.  Nonetheless, they were very patient and good, and they enjoyed the singing and African drumming at the end.

I sat next to Crow.  He had on an exercise belt because the squeezy feeling makes him feel good and calms him, and a pair of headphones on his ears to help him cope with the noise.  I looked at him and thought how sweet he is, and reached over and held hands with him for a minute.

He turned and looked at me thoughtfully.  Then he reached for my hand and started touching my fingers.  He touched each knuckle, and traced the lines on my palm.  He moved each finger apart, and put them together.  He noticed my charm bracelet, and touched each charm gently.  Then he slowly spun the bracelet around my wrist, over and over.  Then he touched my hands again.  Every once in a while he turned and regarded me seriously, but said not a word.  He patted my arm a few times.  He patted my knee, and and my leg.  Then he played with my fingers some more.

He did this for about twenty minutes straight.  He was very calm, and seemed to be lost in exploring the world of my hand.  It was affectionate, certainly, but mostly it seemed to be very soothing for him.  I was charmed, and found it quite soothing myself.

Sometimes being a preschool teacher seems like such a privilege.

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